• We specialize in Daycares and Montessori school, sales and purchases. Currently, we are focused on the Texas Market and are based out of Dallas, Fort-Worth. With more than 10 years of helping owners with setting up or buying/selling PreSchools, we understand the market to match the requirements of individual sellers and buyers. We have helped Montessori or Daycare owners analyze the value of their real estate and business. We have also helped buyers identify and purchase land for brand new Montessori School construction.
  • We help bring various partners in place, to help make the sale complete successfully and confidentially.
  • We bring innovative ideas to help the buyer acquire schools with minimum down payment and sometimes with additional Working Capital, which also helps Sellers/Owners maximize business and real estate value.
  • Due to our great network and experience, we can sometime find preschools which are currently off-market. If you have a serious interest in buying please let us know your requirements and we can reach out to sellers who might fit into what you are looking for.