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Our services includes the following.

Business Sales- We help with the end to end process of selling a business. This includes the following –

  1. Valuation of the business
  2. Marketing with Strict Confidentiality(No Open Advertisement)
  3. Buyer Screening
  4. Contract Negotiations
  5. Help with Buyer Financing
  6. Facilitate Licensing
  7. Help with Closing and Transition

Real Estate Sales & Leasing- For Real estate owners of day cares, we can help with the sale or lease of the property to prospective buyers/tenants.

Land Acquisition for new school- We help with finding and buying land for new construction. We have helped  multiple clients buy acreages for preschools to private schools. 

Consulting- If you already have a preschool that you are looking to buy, we can look at the financials and provide our analysis. Over the years, we have also helped with the consulting services  for New Startups which include Business Plan, Projection P&L, Presentation.

Valuation- We can also help with the Valuation of an existing school.

Buyer / Seller Stage

Buyer Seller

Contract Execution, Apply for Financing, Request Documents for review

Contract Execution, Provide Due Diligence documents

Confirm Financing, Due-Diligence over

Provide Survey, T-47

Apply for CC License, Cert of Occupancy,  CCMS, Food Program

Provide supporting documents and contact information

Closing & Funding; Take over Operations

Help with Transition; Buyer License, City Certificate – School runs on Seller’s License

Sales Cycle